Sunday, November 29, 2015

Photo of the Week

Today, November 29th, we celebrated Mother's Day in Russia. It is odd for us as Americans to celebrate Mother's Day on the last Sunday in November. 

We bought the kids in Sunday school each a pair of pretty wool socks to make into the shape of cupcakes to present to their Moms. They also made these "cupcake" cards. It was a fun day!  The kids were thrilled to make a craft for their Moms. We pray that through our Sunday School ministry we can reach the parents and other siblings for Christ.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Photo of the Week - 11/15/15

This week's photo is a recent photo I took one afternoon as our days have become shorter here in Siberia. Snowy skies are upon us and, unusually for this time of the year, the cold temperatures are also upon us. -30 Celsius is in the forecast this week. Today, Sunday, we had -20 C. The weather man had said that we could expect-30 by the first of November so, we are thankful that he was wrong and that we were able to enjoy a few more weeks of "warmer" temps. 

As you can imagine, these temperatures make life and ministry more challenging. We covet your prayers as winter time is a perfect opportunity for the devil to fight God's work here even more. Please pray for our safety and for God's people to be faithful during these cold months ahead.

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