Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Katya's Story (Part 2)

I have been a long time competing this story of Katya, the mother of a lady who attended our services, who found out she had cancer. Katya's last few months of life were eventful but peaceful as she gave her life to Christ. If you are just now reading this post and have not read the first part of Katya's story, here is the link:

For those of you who remember Katya's story, finally, here is the continuation...

Through the regional hospital, Katya was referred to a gynecologist at one of the two main cancer hospitals in the city of Krasnoyarsk. We were thinking that the ultrasounds they had done on her probably revealed a mass in or on the female organs and therefore they referred her to the gynecologist at the cancer hospital. No one told us this for sure but we assumed this was the case. During her visit with the doctor, he explained to her that there was no room for her to be admitted but that she could pay money and he could admit her anyway. They have so many beds for patients who receive the free medical care but then for those who pay they also can get a bed because they are going in as 'paying' patients. That would be fine with everyone, if everyone had to pay. However, when you offer free care to most and in order for some to receive care when the space is limited you charge them, not many people look kindly upon that. Katya was told there was an "unusual spot" showing up on the ultrasounds but because of the amount of fluid in her abdominal cavity it was difficult for the technician to see completely what she was looking at.

Katya sitting in the chair with her two granddaughters on the floor to the immediate right.
This was a Sunday morning during services held in our home.
Here is where Katya's story gets interesting...David had just been to football practice on a Sunday afternoon where he found out that one of his players' Mom was about to take a trip to the United States. When he inquired as to what she would be doing in the US, the player explained that she was a doctor at one of the two main cancer hospitals in the city. He also mentioned that if we ever needed any help in the area of cancer patients to let him know and that his mom could help us.
 God had already taken care of Katya's need when this football player came to practice that past Sunday afternoon! Through this player's Mom, we were able to get her seen again by the gynecologist that told her there was no bed available for her. Once she completed two more tests, Katya's records were reviewed and she was given a specific date to go to the other cancer hospital for a 'commission' meeting where several doctors would begin the process necessary for her to be admitted and the surgery to be done. Praise the Lord for the doors HE opened for Katya!!

Once the day arrived, and after spending some time at one hospital, my husband drove us to the other cancer hospital where the surgery would be done. Katya and I waited in line to be invited into the room where the doctors would discuss her case and at that time talk to her about the upcoming surgery. About an hour and a half later, they called her name. We went into the room and Katya sat down anxious to hear how soon they would schedule her surgery. The date was scheduled and Katya reminded the doctor that she was the same doctor who did a surgery on Katya's sister not too long ago. Thankfully, this doctor is known for better than usual bedside manner so they chatted a little. Finally, we were done and happy that Katya could walk a little to try to relieve some pain from sitting and waiting to be seen. We were also hungry! Thankfully, while we were in the hospital, my dear husband drove to get us lunch. Katya was like a little child eating a wrap from KFC! She had not been able to keep much food down with the fluid built up in her abdomen which pushed on her stomach and other organs making even breathing difficult. But, she sure enjoyed some food with us and this memory became a favorite one of our time together taking Katya to the hospital. be continued. Part three, coming soon.

Photo of the Week

I want to start a new page on our ministry blog to post a "Photo of the Week". Sometimes a picture says it all and it provides a window into our ministry and the people to whom God has called us. Some of these may be from previous years but are still special photos that we love and think you might enjoy as well. Hope you enjoy them!

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