Monday, June 29, 2015

Update (1) on prayer request shared...

First of all, we want to thank you for your prayers for the little ten year old boy who was electrocuted here in our village. We are grateful that yesterday (Sunday) we were able to talk some more with his aunt (the mother of the little boy's cousin. Saturday evening she was able to go to the hospital to at least talk directly with the mother of the little boy. She told her that the doctors said that, as far as internal organs, it is his liver that suffered the most damage. His stomach was also damaged but not as badly. They also decided that on Monday they were going to have to do another surgery to amputate his other arm. One arm was damaged all the way up to the shoulder and the second one up to the elbow we believe. He is awake, able to talk, and is asking for food. As of Saturday he did not understand that his arm had been amputated. He was asking his Mom why he could move his one arm but not the other. The mother is staying in the hallway at the hospital. We pray we can go and see her but we are not sure if they will let us in at this point.
Dee was able to again witness to the aunt as she picked up her son (the patient's cousin) for Sunday school. She agreed that it is a miracle that the little guy lived through this tragedy. She agreed that they will talk further about her salvation. She told Dee that she was walking around in a fog right now and though she understands what Dee said to her about her need of a Savior not only to help her through such dark days but every day, she said she was only able to think about what is happening in their family right now. We pray the Lord is truly working in her heart and that God will use this in others' hearts to turn them to Him.
The family found out that it was 10,000 volts going through those lines. Evidently the shock did throw him off which when we are dealing with 10,00 volts it should not have happened that way. He shouldn't have been able to pull away. But, the electricians said that the roof of the station must have been wet or his feet must have been wet. We had just had strong rains and therefore he would have walked through damp grass just before this incident happened. They told the family that one of these variants caused it to throw him off and not hold him to the contacts. Therefore, he suffered injury and was not killed.

Thank you for your continued prayers for this family. We have shared with them that people around the world are praying. We will continue to provide you with updates as we learn of them.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Please pray...

Sunday school children during craft time

Praying friends we have an important prayer request that we were just made aware of today. We are not going to use names here on the blog, but please be in prayer for this family.
While we were out on visitation, we made a stop by one of Dee's Sunday school student's houses as we do every Saturday. As Dee was leaving the house, the mother stopped her and shared that they "had news". She then started to tremble as she shared with Dee that yesterday (Friday) while her son, his cousin, and another friend were out playing that the cousin climbed up onto a electrical "station" located in our village and grabbed two of the "connectors" and was electrocuted. She said that she was out working in the garden when her son and the friend came running to her with tears in their eyes explaining that he was "shocked to death". The mother (the victim's aunt) and a neighbor took off running to the place and found his body still clinging to the "connections". The mother called for an ambulance and, thankfully, a police car drove by about that time and the mother was able to flag them down. Amazingly, the men who tend that station were not too far away and they were able to turn off the power to the station fairly quickly. The mother of the boy who attends Sunday school mentioned that her nephew was moving as they turned off the power. The men argued with her that it was not possible. Once again she noticed that he moved. Once the power was turned off she started calling out his name to him and he answered! Amazingly he even answered a question for her.
He is currently at the burn center hospital here in the city. Doctors performed a surgery on him yesterday evening and today they had to amputate one of his arms. The aunt told Dee that they have checked his internal organs and told the family that for sure his liver was severely burned. Most of the time, the doctors don't give the family much information so we are not sure as to what degree of damage his body and organs suffered at this point. They have allowed the mother to see him off and on. She is sitting out in the hallway trying to get more information out of the doctors each chance she sees them.
Sadly, this little ten year old boy was never allowed to come to Sunday school. His sister was allowed to attend some years ago. His mother, even though she is related to the aunt, has heard too many rumors about Baptists from the "older days" and therefore, stopped the daughter from coming and never allowed the son to attend. He has wanted to attend so badly. Today, as we have prayed for him, we remembered all those times and it just breaks our hearts. The whole family is not saved. Dee has witnessed to the aunt (the mother of the boy who attends SS) for years. We would like to ask you to please pray for this boy and all of his family that the Lord would be glorified in this tragedy. Pray God could use this to further His kingdom and for us to be a testimony and a help to the family. We so want to use this opportunity to clearly show them Christ's love.
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