Monday, August 31, 2015

Photo of the Week (a photo with a story behind it)

This photo of the week is going to have a bit of a story along with it. I remember years ago when I was a teenager and was praying about what the Lord would have me to do with my life, I was confident He wanted me to become a Nurse. I had expressed an interest in becoming a missionary and as soon as I began telling people that I believed God wanted me to to to college to study to be a nurse, several began to panic. The first thought that came to their minds was, money. Not money to pay for my education, but the money I would begin making once I completed my education and was given an opportunity to work as an Registered Nurse. I was quite disappointed to hear such a response from people who were important to me. But, as I continued to pray, God continued to lead in that direction and I completed my Nursing degree in 1994. While home from college during a summer break between my Sophomore and Junior years of college, I went forward in my home church and made it public that God wanted me to be a missionary. Of course, everyone was happy to hear of my willingness to go where ever the Lord would lead me.

I could bore you with all the details between then and when I met my husband, a missionary on deputation to Siberia, Russia, but the main thing is, I never forgot the "main thing" of becoming a missionary. That cautious advice given to me years before, was filed in my mind, and actually did stay with me. I was always cautious and slightly fearful of falling into working as a Nurse and never becoming a missionary. I never worked a glorious Nursing job making millions. :) Instead, I followed the advice of my pastor and went back to college to take some Missions courses. For that, I am also very thankful. It was there at that college I met my husband. 

The outstanding memory for me now, as I share my testimony with young people regarding finding the will of God for their lives, is just thankfulness for God's PERFECT leading and will. As much as I desired becoming a Nurse to help people any where I might have found myself on the globe, I would have never dreamed the Lord would use my Nursing education as He has. 

This photo is of one such opportunity. 

To the left of me in the black shirt is my friend who is a professor at the Medical University here in Krasnoyarsk. She teaches English medical terms to Russian speaking medical students. To the right of me in the white shirt is a friend of my friend, who also is a professor in the Medical University. I don't remember when I first met my friend but our friendship grew out of our common bond - a love for the medical field.
She has been a blessing to our family and others in helping us find proper medical care. She has even made phone calls to help locate doctors who will treat our friends and church members.

Several years ago now, she contacted me about a need the medical professors had for a textbook in order to make their jobs easier and assist them in teaching medical terminology in English to their Russian speaking medical students. She wanted to know if I would be willing to help her talk through terminology in Russian to properly translate it into English. I agreed and we spent hours completing the translation of the textbook. The professors of the University were so grateful that on the day this photo was taken the ladies asked me to meet them in the city so they could present me with a gift as a thank you for the work we did.
Again, how amazing it is to be in God's will and to see first hand how He can use us in ways we would have never dreamed imaginable. As we approach fifteen years in Russia, I can say that now I use my Nursing education every day. It has allowed me to meet and witness to people I may not have ever met had I not become a Nurse. Every day I am grateful that I followed His will. Can you say that young person? Are you fully surrendered to do His will and be whatever HE wants you to be?

"I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service." Romans 12:1

"Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it." I Thes. 5:24

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Photo of the Week - 8/16/2015

This week's photo of the week is one very near and dear to our heart. Many people who have never met this family probably can probably easily tell you their names after this week. This is a photo of the Josh Wesson family, missionaries to the Dominican Republic. My husband and I knew both Josh and his wife, Joy, in Bible college. Josh passed away on August 7th, 2015, while saving three teens from drowning. He was able to save two and then the third drowned along with Josh despite Josh's efforts to save the young man. 

A funeral service was held in the Dominican Republic where approximately 450 people were in attendance. Josh's body was returned to the States where his funeral and final resting place took place in Louisiana, in the same church where 19 years ago, Josh and Joy were married.

Our hearts hurt for Joy and the children, for the families.We have grieved deeply this week and shed many tears. We were able to spend time with the Wesson family in January of 2014 during our last furlough. We are now so thankful for that time with these precious friends. 

Josh was a great example in life, as well as, in his death. It is difficult to explain the emotions, the feelings, the thoughts that we have felt this week. I, as a missionary wife, hope to share some of those thoughts in upcoming posts on my personal blog, 

We simply can't understand God's ways, but we know He makes no mistakes. Please pray with us for Joy and her children. We understand there will be dark days ahead for them but we know God will be near to them and hold them in His hand. 

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