Saturday, July 25, 2015

Prayer request regarding our vehicle

Just today as we were returning from evangelization, and were about a 1/4 of a mile from our house, the engine of our truck blew. We already knew it needed a new transmission and other major work but with other important items on the priority list we have had to put that off for the time being. It would have been the second time our truck has needed a "new" transmission". We purchased it back in January of 2011. We had taken it in a few months ago to have some other work done on it and the mechanics talked David through the possible variants to repair it completely. We had decided it was more economical to repair the truck than to try to replace it with another vehicle. We wanted to get it painted as well. We just didn't expect the engine to blow before we got to the other repairs. 

This is a stock photo. This is not our actual car. :)

The timing was good for us to be near our house and not out with all the family, but, not so good in that tomorrow we are holding services early here in Elita so that we can then go into the city to attend services at Krasnoyarsk Baptist Church as the church celebrates their 20th anniversary. We really wanted to be able to attend since we worked in that ministry almost seven years upon our arrival in Russia in 1999. We also have our church family here in Elita who would like to be a part of the day. The others were planning on going in other vehicles since our vehicle could only our family.  We now will be calling a taxi to get our family into the city and back. 
We would like to ask you to please pray for us in this new need. It is very challenging here to exist without a vehicle.  Praise the Lord this did not happen two weeks ago during our Vacation Bible School preparation and program. 
We would have loved to have already purchased a newer vehicle but with the cost we felt it was best to repair this one. Now, the cost of the repairs has grown and well into the amount of money we would need for a new vehicle. Please pray for wisdom for our family and for the Lord to work in this situation to meet our need as He sees best.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Photo of the Week

Okay, so this week there are two photos of the week. I had to show both. :) We have had a good week although we barely remember it. It was the first week after VBS so we were all striving to get back into the "usual busy" and try to rest off the exhaustion of the previous week as well. Before we knew it, it was Friday and none of our family could really tell you what we did on Monday. :) One day this week, our daughter and I were invited to a Tajiki (from Tajikistan) friend's house where they were preparing for a big feast the next day where they would have over 100 men in their home. This young lady in the green loves our daughter and the Momma loves to visit with me. So, they often beg us to come over for tea and to chat. They asked me to bake their favorite chocolate cake and come over, so we did. We never go home empty-handed and were given some of these "lepyoshky" and other sweets to take home to my husband and the boys. They are a sweet family and we are grateful for the relationship we can have with them. We pray they come to know the forgiveness and freedom only Christ can give. 

"Lepyoshky" in the process.

"Lepyoshky" ready to eat. :)

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