Sunday, March 8, 2015

Vacation Bible School 2014 Daily Themes

I have so much I want to write about using Vacation Bible School as an outreach ministry on your field of service, whether it be in the States or on the foreign field. I truly believe that as a result of the prayer, sweat, and tears we have put into this part of our ministry, God has blessed and allowed us to see the fruit we have seen during our time here in Russia. I love VBS programs and organizing them can be lots of fun. One major challenge in the planning is figuring out what your theme and lessons will be. It often seems like that is the part of VBS planning that I spend the most time on. Not all ideas you find online will work on every field so most of our themes and lesson plans are developed by us in order to best fit the spiritual needs of the children to whom we minster. Once the theme has been chosen and the daily lessons developed, the rest seems to flow together more smoothly.
I would like to begin sharing our VBS themes/ideas in hopes that it would inspire someone else to be able to put these themes to use in their churches/ministries and see fruit that will remain as a result!

Theme for the Week: Tis' So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

Idea: To have a daily sweet treat to give away at the end of the program.
Goal: To help the children learn more about Jesus and His saving power and grace.

Day 1: Theme: Jesus is the only foundation on which we can build our lives.

Story: Wise Man and Foolish Man
Verses: Matthew 7:24-29
Sweet Treat: 

I don't have a good photo of the kids eating their sweet treat of cotton candy on Monday but you can see the little buckets of cotton candy here in our stack of supplies to take for the first day of VBS.

For each day, our talented daughter made signs which we hung on the registration tables each day so the kids could see what the "sweet treat" was for that day of VBS.

Day 2: Jesus has the power to give sight.
Story: Blind Bartimaeus
Verses: Mark 10:46-52
Sweet Treat:
Chocolate bars!

Day 3: Jesus has the power to give life.
Story: Lazarus
Verses: John 11:1-44
Sweet Treat:
Cupcakes, glorious cupcakes!

I can not tell you how much mileage we get out of cupcakes! My SS kids LOVE my cupcakes!

Day 4: Jesus has the power to forgive sin.
Story: Man with palsy let down through the roof.
Verses: Mark 2:1-12
Sweet Treat:
Bubble Gum!

Day 5: Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven!

Story: Wide and Narrow Gate
Verses: Matthew 7:13-14, 21-23
Sweet Treat:
Ice cream! It sure was a hot enough day for ice cream! A perfect treat!

 I have yet to post the daily photos from VBS 2014 and plan to do that to give you an even better idea of how the week went. So, watch for those photos coming soon!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Warm and Toasty!

In this post I wanted to update you all about the need we had for a newer and updated heating system in the old house we used to live in which we now use for Sunday school classes. We asked you all to pray for the Lord to provide this need.

We are happy to report that the following month our regular support was enough for us to be able to take care of this need! We were very grateful for your prayers as we were able to purchase all of the necessary items to put together the heating system and get it up and running within a week or two.

As the process began, it was quite the mess!

Eventually, we were able to clear out the area where the old stove stood and move the stove we had first purchased to heat our new house into it's place. We plan on painting the bricks to make the are look more finished. But, just getting to this point and removing all the old bricks was a giant step completed!

For those of you who might be curious, we then go to a store like this one pictured below where they sell lots and lots of parts to piece together a radiator system which will carry heated fluid from the stove all throughout the house. 
This system will be similar to the heating system in our new house but, only much less complicated.

A trip to this store with my hubby always makes me proud of my husband as he knows exactly what he needs and is able to express himself to the store clerks. When you are ready to "order" your items, they scan the product numbers and send those numbers on to the warehouse where you pick them up once you have paid for them.

My husband choosing the parts we need to build the heating system.

So, once you have made your purchases, you take it all home and feel like a kid again with a new Lego set.

Finally, you are ready to put the pieces together.

This is the emergency air pressure release tank (red), gauges, and electric pump
to pump the fluid through the pipes (green).
We put in four radiators under four windows at this point. We might add one more at a later time.

(Please forgive the torn wallpaper in the pics which had to be removed in order to remove mold damage after we moved out of the house and before we started using it for our Sunday school ministry.)

This is the main room of the house where we hold SS classes.

As you can see, wallpaper is pretty close to the top of the "to do" list for the old house!

Once the pipes were all connected, the radiators prepared and connected to the pipes, and the system was checked for leaks, we were ready for a Sunday morning!

Thank you for praying! 
All is working well and the kids are very thankful for a warmer place to gather and learn about God's Word!

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